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We help physical therapists and athletic trainers take the next step on with their athletes. This is our great team to accomplish it.

David Gonzalez Villegas

Business Development Director

David got his bachelor in BA minoring in Accounting, HR, and Entrepreneurship; and a Master and International Business. He speaks three languages fluently (French, Spanish, and English) and brings athletic performance experience, practical knowledge along strategic planning to the table as a Business Development Manager. Playing tennis and food tasting are his biggest hobbies 

Jose Roberto Arbelaez

Logistics Manager

With more than 20 years of experience in logistics and trades, Jose has been a great asset to the company in logistics and warehousing. He owned multiple companies, from painting to landscaping, and now he brings his broad experience to Wheeler Sports Tech.

Salome Villegas Loaiza

Community Manager

Salome is a psychology student on the Universidad Catolica de Pereira. She expects to keep learning about science and marketing. She loves doing sports and one of her life goals is to achieve a professional career related to sports. On her free time, she loves to spend time with her family and her 2 dogs.


Sebastian Cardona

Projects Head Engineer

Sebastian Cardona is a MSC in Electric and Mechatronic engineering. His professional life has been focused on the development and innovation of new technologies, bringing advancement to science.  As the head engineer on the Wheeler team, he brings to the table positive vibes, knowledge, proactivity, and problem-solving to daily challenges.

Esteban Alzate

Sales Director

Esteban has been in Wheeler since its Foundation. His wide experience as coach and his relentless hunger for knowledge have formed him as the great professional he is today. He is the Head of the Sales department but also helps in processes such as training, quality control, and research. Esteban has a passion for music, sports, tennis, MTB and Running.

Paula Wheeler

Office Manager

Paula is an industrial Engineer with great communication skills and high capacity to maintain relationships, besides having a passion on health and sports. She has experience on management and financial record-keeping and is currently studying a Masters in Management in Health and Security at Work. Her best moments are spent with her family and coworkers.

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