Athletic trainer with Masters in knee rehabilitation. Over 16 years’ experience in the field of sports medicine


A recognized specialist from South America in the sports training and physical rehabilitation field, our founder Carlos graduated as an athletic trainer, with a masters in high performance training. He has published several books and scientific papers related to sports science, and also shares his knowledge as professor in recognized universities in sports performance across South America. Moreover, through his combined experience, education, and passion for research, he has developed technological equipment and apps for training, health, and wellness. His experience has allowed him to work directly with professional soccer teams and as a personal physical therapist to several professional athletes. 

Formerly ranked second nationally in Colombia for Decathlon, and previous Once Caldas high performance player, his competitive history and direct exposure to sports give him an extra edge to understand and excel within his field.

Founder Daniela Gonzalez



Experienced industrial engineer and successful heptathlete. Masters in International Commerce


As an Industrial engineer graduate, Daniela is a natural entrepreneur with business and engineering experience. Daniela has been expanding an already successful Wheeler company northward . She  has an ongoing passion for high-performance sports, and learning. As an owner of multiple businesses, her experience and success comes based on her continued efforts to grow and expand her endeavors. Equally important, through her commitment to helping others and her outgoing personality, she has been a driving force behind expanding Wheeler Sports Tech. 

Finally, as a high-performance athlete, she earned multiple national heptathlon gold medals during her college years making her a great fit to be part of our founding and management team.

Educational Scientific Informative Articles

The Importance of Stability and Variability in Sports Training

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La Ciencia Detrás del Entrenamiento de los Tendones Cuando pensamos en mejorar la movilidad, rara vez consideramos los ejercicios pliométricos y el sprint como métodos

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