Learn all of the important progressions with your WheelerCone

The Wheeler Online ecosystem is constantly evolving to meet your needs.

Your current experience may differ from what you see here.

Check this following videos to learn the our progressions:

Basic Progression

  • Progression 1: Basic Progression on Knees

Intermediate Progression

  • Progression 2: Intermediate Progression Static Standing Position
  • Progression 3: Intermediate Prgoression with a Step
  • Progression 4: Intermediate Progression with Deceleration and Rotation.

Advanced Progression

  • Progression 5: Advanced Progression with Jump and Rotation. 
  • Progression 6: Advanced Progression with Rotational Belt
  • Progression 7: Advanced Progression with Deceleration and Belt.
  • Progression 8: Advanced Progression with TRX
  • Progression 9: Advanced Progression with Ankle Bracelet.
  • If you would like to schedule a free training session, contact us at contac@wheelersportstech.com
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