WheelerJump Warranty

WheelerCone Product Warranty

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Warranty Duration:
  • WheelerCone Structure: Wheeler offers a one (1)-year warranty from the date of purchase on the WheelerCone’s frame. The structure is made of high-quality iron and aluminum to ensure durability and strength.
  • Pulleys: The pulleys of the WheelerCone are also covered by a one (1)-year warranty from the date of purchase. They are constructed with durable materials to ensure optimal performance.
  • Cord: The cord used in the WheelerCone has a six (6)-month warranty. Please note that due to normal wear and tear from usage, it is advisable to replace it after this period.
  • Accessories: The accessories included with the WheelerCone, including the belt, rotation belt, handle, and ankle strap, have a one (1)-year warranty from the date of purchase.
Warranty Coverage:

Wheeler is commited to replacing or repairing any of the aforementioned components that exhibit manufacturing defects or have been damaged due to nomrla product use. The  warranty does not cover damages caused by improper use, negligence, or unauthorized modifications. 

Shipping Costs

This warranty covers the shipping costs associated with the return of the product in case the issue is determined to be covered by the warranty.

Proper Use of WheelerRack:

It is important to highlight that, if used appropriately and following the user manual provided with the WheelerJump, this equipment has the potential for many years of durability.


We appreciate your trust in our products and are committed to your satisfaction as a customer.

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