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Validation and Reliability of the Wheeler Jump Sensor for the Execution of the Countermovement Jump

Our founder Carlos Wheeler and some of his peers wrote this insightful article. It will help you understand why the Wheeler Jump is a reliable tool that provides accurate information regarding physical performance. Many coaches have used the vertical jump as an indicator of neuromuscular performance. A total of 119 high-performance athletes from different sports […]

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What Equipment Can Athletes Use To Increase Their Performance?

When it comes to peak athletic performance, the right equipment can make all the difference. Here at Wheeler Sports Tech, we specialize in software development, assessment devices, and sports training equipment. In today’s blog post, we’re sharing four pieces of innovative equipment that athletes are using to improve their performance. Continue reading to learn more […]


Why Do Experts Recommend Our Training and Performance Equipment?

Wheeler Sports Tech is a company dedicated to manufacturing and developing sports training equipment and complementary assessments technology for strength training and controlling athletic performance. Wheeler’s high-performance equipment allows individuals to improve their power, strength, vertical jump, eccentric muscle capacity, acceleration, change of direction, and injury prevention. With great assessment software, athletic trainers and physical […]