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Enhancing Performance and Preventing Injuries: Strength Training Based on Motor Learning


Strength training based on motor learning focuses on preventing injuries and enhancing sports performance. By applying fundamental principles to optimize neuromuscular function and joint stability, this approach aims to improve athletic performance while reducing injury risk. This session discusses two key aspects: preventing anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries and integrating plyometrics into training.

Hip Stability and Mobility for ACL Injury Prevention:

Firstly, we highlight the importance of hip stability and mobility in preventing ACL injuries. Emphasis is placed on strengthening synergistic muscles around the hip, such as the gluteus medius, adductor, and psoas, to ensure adequate stabilization during unipodal actions. These muscles play a crucial role in providing stability to the knee joint during activities like braking, landing, and sprinting.

Eccentric Hamstring Training for ACL Injury Prevention:

Secondly, we focus on eccentric hamstring training to prevent ACL injuries. Performing exercises at 45-degree flexion angles is emphasized to simulate landing and deceleration situations, critical for preventing ACL injuries. Hamstrings work during these actions to support the posteriorized tibial segment, contributing to knee stability.

Ankle Mobility and Stability:

Additionally, we emphasize improving ankle mobility and stiffness to absorb energy during landing and prevent knee overloads during plyometric activities. Exercises promoting co-contraction between agonist and antagonist ankle muscles, such as the soleus-gastrocnemius and dorsiflexors, are proposed to enhance ankle stiffness and stability.

Enhancing Performance and Preventing Injuries: Strength Training Based on Motor Learning

This holistic approach to joint stability, eccentric strength, and mobility provides a solid foundation for injury prevention and performance enhancement in athletes of all levels. Understanding and applying principles of strength training based on motor learning can help athletes maximize their potential and reduce the risk of injuries.

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