Optimizing ACL Injury Recovery: Focus on Eccentric Strength and Tendon Stiffness

Optimizing ACL Injury Recovery: Focus on Eccentric Strength and Tendon Stiffness

Recovering from an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury requires
a careful focus on eccentric strength and tendon stiffness. These aspects are
vital for restoring knee stability and preventing future injuries. Loss of
eccentric strength during injury can lead to muscle inhibition and atrophy,
affecting stabilization capacity during activities like deceleration and
landing. Conversely, tendon stiffness, the resistance of tendon tissue to
deformation, is also affected and can result in reduced impact absorption and
less efficient force transfer through the knee joint.

When reintroducing walking and running during recovery, it’s
essential to understand how these neuromuscular factors influence knee
biomechanics. Integrating specific exercises addressing eccentric strength and
tendon flexibility into the rehabilitation program is crucial for restoring
proper joint function and minimizing the risk of recurrent injuries.
Additionally, gradual progression under professional supervision allows for
safe load adaptation and enhances knee confidence during physical activity.

Addressing tendon stiffness in the rehabilitation process is equally
important. Increased tendon stiffness can lead to imbalanced loading on the
knee during physical activity, increasing the risk of additional injuries or
the development of chronic conditions. Therefore, working on tendon flexibility
helps optimize knee biomechanics and reduces the load on the joint.


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